About Us

When people ask what we do… we say that WE GROW FARMERS.

We need to bring at least 1,000,000 new organic farmers online in the next 10 years just to replace the ones who are retiring! How are we going to do that? J

All of us rely on our farmers to care for the soil and grow the food we need to be healthy.

If you ask a farmer… “what will it take for you to grow more food?” And the answer most of the time is… well, if someone buys it I’ll grow it!

Lifestyle trends help out a lot here! With our ever increasing mobile lifestyle, meals on the go, snacks, more creative meal patterns – having nutritious, delicious 100% organic food that’s easy to buy, store and take with us everywhere. To the office, out in nature, on vacations… makes sense! These trends are already driving the market for our Gentle Dried™ food, which in turn can support more farmers to come online and take over for the next generation!

Our gentle food drying process brings all this together beautifully!

  • Buying lots of local organic produce at a guaranteed fair price, incentivizing farmers to grow more organic food.
  • Buying from local farmers first. (Did you know the average American community imports over 90% of the food it eats from over 1500 miles away?)
  • Buying consistent high-volumes of organic local food. Each of our centers can buy 12,000 to 14,000 pounds per day!!!
  • Using new light scanning technology to share nutrient information about our food so you know what you are eating! And sharing that information with farmers as a report card on their soil building practices – encouraging them to work with the microbes in their soil.

Strawberry Hearts

JustOne Organics™ is committed to wellbeing for our communities, our farmers and our soil.

Did you know 30% of our communities have no local store selling fresh fruits and vegetables?

By selling online we keep prices 20% lower than retail—giving quality organics to people who live in our expanding food deserts.

A 3 ½ Billion Year Old Story…

There is a vast, magnificent network of intelligent beneficial microscopic beings… living on and in our bodies – far outnumbering our cells (yep, it’s true)

A similar network of microbes is also teeming in healthy organic soil – more of them present in 1 handful of living soil than all the people on earth… we are living intimately connected to a magnificent network of intelligence and wellbeing that we are only just beginning to understand…

What is the purpose of this natural microbiome that links every one of us to all other forms of life?

Wellness… Strength… Longevity… Vitality… the Earth’s microbiome begins in the soil, and expresses fully in all forms of life in Nature… including in every one of us. How we care for this tiny but all pervading network in ourselves and in the soil – will absolutely determine our own health and the health of our ecosystems and our Earth.

Organic food – grown in living soil by farmers who cooperate with this natural network is the key to our own health and vitality, the key to reversing climate change, creating local food security and prosperity, and applying food wasted on our farms to end hunger.

The next chapter of this story will determine the fate of our civilization. And whether we realize it or not… every one of us is helping to write this story now because we are all alive and because we all eat : )

What We Stand For

1. Heal our earth, air and oceans by restoring healthy farming practices through thriving microbial soil systems, which have been balancing our global carbon emissions for billions of years.
2. Preserve and revitalize local food economies with market support for organic farmers, made possible through a secure and scalable cooperative buying network.
3. Make available nutrient-rich, flavorful, long-lasting food to all people and communities around the world.
4. Share knowledge and best-practices across a network of production centers in order to upscale quickly.

We envision good, organic soil practices becoming the norm in our farming communities.

We see a world where everyone has access to healthy, highly nutritious and delicious organic food.

We predict viable long-term markets for thriving local organic growers.

We visualize thousands of direct and indirect local farm/food system jobs within and around our facilities.

We foresee resiliency and food security as the norm in our local communities and ecosystems.

We are the custodians of the planet’s future and that future is intimately connected to the soil.The soil determines the health of the environment and the quality of nutrition in our food. We are either preserving or destroying our future by how we care, or do not care, for the soil.

The JustOne Organics™ Seed Campaign is intended to launch a movement in supporting soil health and organic farming practices. You can support these important goals by educating yourself and engaging in these activities in your local communities. We have intentionally made our products dependent uponhealthy soil practices. So each time you purchase our JustOne Organics™ food pouches, you are contributing to your body’s health, the soil’s health, the health of organic farming and the health of our planet.[more…]

Each JustOne Organics™ operation is a collaborative, co-built, local-led project. A JustOne Organics™ venture is locally operated and knitted tightly to the fabric of the local farming, business and working community. Although the production plants are technically “licensee subsidiaries”, they are spearheaded and developed on local initiative and decision-making. The local licensee-owner builds the facility in connection with the surrounding community, leveraging the knowledge and cooperative assets of the collective.

JustOne Organics™ projects are currently underway or in planning phases in Santa Rosa California, Western Colorado, Maui Hawaii, Chicago Illinois, Louisville Kentucky and Washington D.C.

Our Centers will produce 100% pure organic, gently dried fruits and vegetables with vitamins and minerals intact in a long-lasting, great-tasting dried form. Most dried food products don’t taste anything like their fresh counterparts. But our food is “alive”because our unique drying system retains nutrients and enzymes. Therefore, JustOne Organics™ products have greater nutrient density than most other dried fruits and vegetables. Additionally, our process retains the taste, smell and fresh natural color of the fruits and vegetables. Being dried, our organics can be saved, and stored more easily, and quickly added to other food as a nutrient booster.[more…]

The Regenerative Community Initiative (RCI) was developed as a method for JustOne Organics™ projects to initiate and leverage the benefits of true community collaboration. The RCI provides a way for JustOne Organics™ project owners to share assets and resources like supplemental supply networks and international market. This will enable all projects to succeed and encourages the formation of more Gentle Drying Centers, which in turn will create more organic farms and more jobs within the community. The RCI also provides professional support for business development, job training, healthy working relationships as well as other network assets to RCI members so that the JustOne Organics™ vision and mission can ultimately be fulfilled. [more…]

We are here to support positive change for our collective best. We believe in action, impact and the power of individual choice to make a powerful difference.

JustOne Organics™ will always be on the lookout for ways to utilize new technology to help fulfill our brand promise. We are already establishing key innovations which will change the face of our current food system.
Micro-organisms in the soil are constantly supplying nutrients to plants and into the food we eat.Currently, however, we don’t have the technology to gauge precisely how much and what kind of nutrition is (or isn’t) in our food.

JustOne Organics™ production facilities will apply a new technology to perform deep nutrient scanning, a process that will measure the actual nutrition present in our food —making our food systems nutrient accountable for the first time.

Community-supported agriculture (CSA; sometimes known as community-shared agriculture) is an alternative, locally based economic model of agriculture and food distribution. In our case, JustOne Organics™ National Online CSA refers to a particular network or association of individuals who have pledged to support one or more local farms, with growers and consumers sharing the risks and benefits of food production.

Generally, CSA members or subscribers pay at the onset of the growing season for a share of the anticipated harvest; once harvesting begins, they periodically receive shares of produce. JustOne Organics™ is will offer our growers a pre season buying agreement so that, like in a traditional CSA, farmers can plan ahead knowing that they have a committed (in our case) large scale buyer

What We Stand For


The Future of JustOne Organics™

JustOne Organics™ products can be obtained online at a significant discount and with free shipping. Products are available for pre-order at our JustOne Organics™ Seed Funding Campaign http://chuffed.org/project/justoneorg , our fundraising campaign website and online shop. You may purchase ¼ lb bags of our food or donate to the cause! Online purchases are shipped in simple, moisture proof packets.

Our retail market is also being established, with attention to food storage and food security needs. We are developing lines of convenient, ready-to-eat food for babies, elders, outdoor enthusiasts, health conscious eaters, bodybuilders,, superfood companies and more.

In the wholesale market, we have already attracted the attention of industry manufacturing buyers who are planning to use JustOne Organics™ dried flakes and crystals as flavors and ingredients in their products.



Gentle Drying Centers

Gentle Drying Centers are the manufacturing plants where JustOne Organics™ products are made. They buy high volumes of local organic produce and gently dry them into whole fruit and vegetable flakes for packaging and sale.

A Gentle Drying Center is an essential engine for the local food economy because:

  • It stabilizes the produce market for farmers. Farmers can contract to sell to a Gentle Drying Center before they plant, increasing their business based on a reliable market outlet. They can also depend on fair prices, so can plan, plant and expand more effectively.
  • Local organic food production increases dramatically. Local Gentle Drying Centers create a high demand for local food. Farmers can revitalize fallow fields and expand new land for food production.
  • Employment opportunities increase, thereby fueling the local economy. All related agricultural support businesses, such as: Equipment manufacturing and maintenance, soil testing, soils labs, composting and other local business will thrive.

Each Gentle Drying Center will create up to $4.3 million per year in new market for organic local farmers, beginning the first full year of operations.

Food is a powerful way to bring communities together

Gentle Drying Centers are part of a cooperative network of production facilities that support one another by sharing assets. This extends a local farmer’s reach into other markets. The existence of this cooperation between Gentle Drying Centers also means production can keep pace with demand as the market expands.

Securing the future.  JustOne Organics™ will develop a global network of Gentle Drying Centers in order to coordinate reliable supply for the expanding variety of products that will be in demand. These Centers operate as local, socially conscious and profitable businesses and work cooperatively via The Regenerative Community Initiative (RCI). (www.regenerativecommunity.net )

For more about the Gentle Drying Centers, becoming a licensee and starting a Gentle Drying Center business in your local area, follow the above link to the RCI.


Meet Our Team

<b>David Rose</b>
David Rose
David Rose is a Designer and Builder of Regenerative Community Ecosystems. He has committed his life to the strategic and tactical work required to help transition our civilization to a network of thriving, compassionate and restorative communities. He is the Founder and CEO of Unified Field Corporation (UFC), a regenerative community development systems company and the creator of the JustOne Organics™ brand.

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<b>Mentors & Advisors</b>
Mentors & Advisors
So many amazing, brilliant and heart centered angels have contributed their care and expertise to this work! More arrive almost every day. In addition to the utter radiance of our food : ) that these powerful allies meet our sincere no-matter-what commitment with their own is probably the most inspiring aspect of this work, and gives us such confidence that we are all on track to actually change the face of food, food justice and food security, wellness and climate balance… for our children and all life.

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<b>Supporters and the Village</b>
Supporters and the Village
“It takes a village!” as they say. And, they are right! Here at JustOne Organics™, we would love to name every person who has been responsible in some way, large or small… contributing to the company and to the movement. Please visit www.unifiedfieldcorporation.com, and the JustOne Organics™ Seed Funding Campaign, where you can meet some of our fans, friends and worldwide family… you know who you are!