Gentle Dry Centers

Cutting Strawberries

A Gentle Dry Center is a production plant where JustOne Organics™ products are made, but they are also high-impact local businesses that will deeply change the face of organic local food systems.

Our drying centers are unique in that not only do they buy high volumes of local organic produce and gently dry them into healthy flakes for packaging and sale, they also cooperate with one another for the benefit of all—other Gentle Dry Centers, local farmers, local businesses and our customers and communities.


Each Gentle Dry Center will create up to $4.3 Million per year in new market for organic local farmers, beginning the first full year of operations.

Food is a powerful way to bring communities together.

Gentle Dry Centers Are Profitable Engines for the Local Organic Food Economy

Our drying centers are at the heart of JustOne Organics™ mission to preserve the integrity and fertility of the soil and ensure we are able to eat nutritious, organic food long into the future.

  • They stabilize the market for produce. Farmers can sell to an Gentle Dry Center before they plant, and increase their businesses based on a predictable outlet. They can also count on a fair shake when it comes to prices.
  • Local organic food production increases dramatically. Farmers can revitalize fallow fields and expand new land for food production.
  • Local employment opportunities increase economic health. Related agricultural support businesses (equipment manufacturing and maintenance, soil testing, soils labs, composting and other local business thrive)
  • Farmers also receive information about the nutrient content of their produce, giving them information on the nutrient-wealth of their own soil.

More about the cooperative scalability business model of JustOne Organics™ and how it fits into our family of projects [more…]



Our Drying Process


Nutritive dehydration is the technology we use to very gently dry organic fruits and vegetables into highly nutritious, delicious whole fruit and vegetable flakes. Nutritive Dehydration is not the same as freeze drying or drum drying; it is a brand new method for removing water from food while retaining fibre, flavor, color and nutrients.


Our gentle drying process removes 98% of the water while retaining nutrients, color, fiber and flavor.


Nutrient Accountability

Rigorous deep nutrient density tests posted online each day, allowing growers and consumers to see what value is actually in their food: a new paradigm in food transparency and a major differentiation for the brand.

JustOne Organics™ production facilities will apply new technology to perform deep nutrient scanning of the actual nutrition present in our food.

Daily real time test data uploaded and available online, tied to each batch produced in all our drying centers.

Consumers will know exactly what’s in the specific package of dehydrated crystals they hold in their hand. Farmers will have a daily report card on the microbial richness of their soil.

Our food systems will become NUTRIENT ACCOUNTABLE for the first time in history… and consumers can effectively support the wellbeing of their families and communities



Regenerative Community Initiative

RCI Bridge

The Gentle Dry Centers that make JustOne Organics™ are part of a cooperative network of production drying facilities that support one another by sharing assets. This extends a local farmer’s reach into other markets and also provide Gentle Dry Center licensee-owners with many benefits. This global network of Gentle Dry Center also means production can keep pace with demand for a greater variety of products as the market for JustOne Organics™ dried food expands.

Licensees in communities across the USA will be coming on board year on year to participate in the RCI collaborative asset sharing network and launch their own Gentle Dry Centers. For more about the RCI and becoming a licensee of an Gentle Dry Center business in your local area, click here.