David Rose is a Designer and Builder of Regenerative Community Ecosystems. He has committed his life to the strategic and tactical work required to help transition our civilization to a network of thriving, compassionate and restorative communities. He is the Founder and CEO of Unified Field Corporation (UFC), a regenerative community development systems company and the creator of the JustOne Organics™ brand.

David and UFC’s current focus is bringing to market a financial engine for strengthening organic farmers and our local food systems, improving the quality and equity of local food distribution and reaching more people with an experience of how intimately our own wellness is connected with the quality of microbial life in our soil.

JustOne Organics™ is the brand and tradename for a retail and commercial line of organic Gentle Dried whole food fruit and vegetable puree crystals that will carry the message of the connection between healthy microbe-rich soil, thriving and just local organic food economies and our own wellbeing – into our stores, our bodies, our families and our communities.

David’s experiential platform includes serial careers in home building, real estate, wellness product networks, commercializing organic healing food products, and as a teacher and consultant in new paradigm business and organizational development.

In 2001 he developed the Alignment Process as a tool for structuring more naturalness-supportive team and relationships. David’s passion includes contributing to change-making projects and to assisting people committed to the transition of our civilization to a more regenerative, compassionate reality for all – to access their own inspired leadership.

JustOne Organics™ Team and Advisors

What can we say? Our team and advisors are THE BEST!!!

We think it’s the food actually… it just looks and tastes and feels so yummy!!! Seems to bring the best people in… This is such a partial list of our enthusiastic supporters! Right now the most active ones. We’ll add to the list as we grow!

National Team



  • Benjamin Aerenson – Intellectual Property Attorney


  • Hyacinth Ahuruonye, Certified Public Accountant, Interim CFO








  • Christina Sarich, blogs, written content and national online media promotion

Maui Team

  • Alika Atay, Organic Regenerative Farmer, Maui Council Member-Elect, community leader


  • Lehua Simon, Community Organizer, Education, video, graphics, campaign and stakeholders


  • Anna Foust, Maui County Civil Defense Coordinator, supports Gentle Dried County food reserves


  • Meagan DeGaia, Publisher Best Version Media community magazine for Wailea and West Maui


  • Chef Bill Barum – Chef Bill is promoting this work to the U.S. Armed Services


  • Dorri McWhorter, CEO of the YWCA Metropolitan Chicago training, HR