Meet Our Team

“It takes a village!” as they say. And, they are right! Here at JustOne Organics®, we would love to name every person who has been responsible in some way, contributing to the enterprise and to the movement. Please contact us to become part of our amazing Village of support around the world! Endless gratitude to our fans, friends and worldwide family… you know who you are!

Current Active TEAM in Klamath Falls, Oregon and Internationally:

Mentors and Advisors

Do you ever give yourself permission to imagine how it will look to have accomplished moving our entire world to a Regenerative Food System Experience?

Maybe you imagine flying by on your way back from Mars or Jupiter? And as you look at this beautiful world floating in space, you remark to yourself, we actually did it!!!
  • Regenerative Farmers: the most successful well-respected vocation on earth
  • The entire population is pretty darn healthy! Disease is a very small experience
  • Climate Change? History. All ecosystems of Earth, Air and Oceans are in balance
  • Hunger is Gone. and all people are able to eat really well and are (oh by the way) treating each other a whole lot better as a result

We can do this! And, it will take more people than we can imagine. It will take a world.

How do we approach our part of such a task?

With a lot of truly great men and women helping us every step of the way!

So many amazing, brilliant and heart centered angels contributing their care and expertise to this work!

That these powerful allies meet us so beautifully in our sincere no-matter-what commitment, with their own is one of the most inspiring aspects of this work. This gives us confidence that we are all on track to succeed in actually changing the face of food, food justice and food security, wellness and climate balance… for our children and all life.