Our Vision

What we believe is possible and work to bring into form.

Thriving Soil

We envision good, organic soil practices becoming the norm in our farming communities.

Nutritious Organic Foods

We see a world where everyone has access to healthy, highly nutritious and delicious organic food.

Successful Farmers

We predict viable long-term markets for thriving local organic growers.

Abundant Farming Jobs

We visualize thousands of direct and indirect local farm/food system jobs within and around our facilities.

Food System Resiliance

We foresee resiliency and food security as the norm in our local communities and ecosystems.

The JustOne Vision

You’re invited to try your favorite organic fruits and vegetables and become part of a unique movement that supports farmers, the soil and ecosystems, vibrant wellbeing for ourselves, our families and communities.

Every delicious bite supports your and your family’s health and secures the future of organic farming and the soil beneath our feet. 

Every purchase fuels a movement to build more Gentle Drying Centers throughout the U.S. and internationally, and we believe that’s a good thing…


We as a planet of people spend more on food than anything else. More than on energy, housing, transportation, technology, education… it’s all about the food.

Who’s spending that money? You Are!!! You gorgeous customer you!!! 

You have the power to change everything…

I just learned that in Hawaii, a monthly food assistance card is loaded with $362.50/month. Let’s say an ideal diet for most of us includes mostly nutrient rich organic fruits and vegetables: fresh as much as possible but always available no matter what. (Convenience and long shelf life are helpful here).

How much do you spend on food each month? Maybe a lot more than someone on food assistance, but even if we imagine that the average person eats $200/month total 

If you live in a small to medium size town of 100,000 souls – that’s $1.2B / year in food! And if you’re like almost every community in the US… way over 90% of that or over $1B / year of that is leaving town!

So you have the power. Isn’t that good to know? You, the ones spending that $1.2B/year in a not very big at all place… not like 20 times that in LA or NYC… 

What do you really want to use your power for?

Fantastic, vibrant health and well being for you and your family?

Food security for your community?

A world you know can have a stable climate again with plenty of oxygen to breathe?

Successful farmers and a compassionate world where no one ever has to go hungry?

Well… Now you can have all of this and more.   

JustOne Organics® as a global organic food brand, and our Gentle Drying Centers as Economic Engines are coming online to facilitate this partnership at a scale we know has the capacity to accomplish the JustOne 4-point mission. Thank you! 

To our collective best now and always

The JustOne Organics® with the support of our Mother Company, Unified Field Corporation

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