Gentle-Drying Centers:

Economic Engines for Local Food System Regeneration


Gentle Drying Centers (GDCs) are the manufacturing plants where JustOne Organics® products are made. They buy high volumes of organic produce and gently dry them into whole fruit and vegetable puree crystals for packaging and sale.

A Gentle Drying Center is an Economic Engine for the local food system because:

  • It stabilizes the produce market for farmers. 
    • Farmers can contract to sell to a Gentle Drying Center before they plant, increasing their business based on a reliable market outlet. 
    • They can also depend on fair prices, so can plan and expand securely.
  • Stable supportive demand encourages farmers to grow more food. 
    • Local GDCs create that consistent high demand in a way that’s supportive and encourages collaboration among local farmers. 
    • Farmers can revitalize fallow fields and engage with new land for food production.
  • Employment opportunities increase which fuel the local economy. That includes related agricultural support businesses such as equipment manufacturing and maintenance, soil testing, soils labs, composting and other added value local food businesses.

General Statistics – Each GDC will:

  • Create up to $10M per year in new market for approximately 7 million pounds of organic food
  • Generate 30 full time, vertically integrated living wage green jobs, plus indirectly, hundreds of new jobs on farms, in farm infrastructure, equipment maintenance, training and other farm support related service businesses
  • Open up new farmland: Depending on crop varieties and local growing conditions, one GDC will buy enough food to open up around 1,000 acres of new land for regenerative farming
  • Pay farmers to grow better soil. Carbon rich farming practices cause soil to retain moisture, saving precious water 
  • Sequester CO₂: 

Regenerative farming practices pull more carbon into healthier soil.   

This happens through accelerated branch, stem, leaf, flower, fruit and root growth, composting greater volumes of decaying plant matter, increased sugars exuded into the soil to feed much greater populations of microbes. 

All of these are carbon-based life structures built from CO₂ pulled from the atmosphere to fuel the regenerative life cycles in this system. 

Again depending on where we measure, climate and seasonality – healthy microbe rich soil can sequester from up to 2 to over 20 tons of atmospheric CO₂ per acre per year.

Applied to the above acreage estimates that’s from 2,000 to 20,000 tons of CO₂ sequestered by each GDC per year

  • Convert visually imperfect food: at least 25% of what we grow currently wasted on our farms, into Grade A purees and food crystals, generating additional revenue for the farmer and extra margins that can be donated as food to those in need and or community food reserves for all.

All JustOne Organics® Gentle Drying Centers are part of a cooperative network of facilities that support one another through common systems and shared assets. 

The network structure extends a local farmer’s reach into other markets and allows each GDC to buy what the farmers grow best. 

The ability to start new centers in different bioregions means production can stay local while keeping pace with growing demand for the brand.

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