Mission Arc 2:

Radiant well being for you

Gorgeous organic food must get into our people in the most delicious ways!


"Let food be our medicine

And medicine be our food."



JustOne Organics® evolutionary foods for your family and our world

  • Simplicity: organic fruit and vegetable mostly single ingredient purees, low temperature dried for 4 to 5 minutes to about 2 ½% moisture – twice as dry as other methods
  • Delicious: vibrant, engaging whole food puree crystals with intensified flavor and color
  • Food Security: delicious healthy food kept at room temperature lasts for many years
  • Health convenience: Gentle Drying retains over 90% of fresh food nutrition

Delicious organic convenience and food security reserves for your home and beyond

JustOne Organics® Gentle Dried™ Whole Food Crystals can be re-hydrated into sauces and purees or added to vegetables, pasta, salads, stir fries, soups, smoothies and more!

JustOne Organics® makes great whole food ingredients for pancakes, baking, toppings, garnishes, desserts, salsas, dressings, casseroles, omelettes… What else can YOU imagine?

Best quality food storage:  JustOne Organics® can build a reserve of super nutritious and delicious food that will keep for years… food you’ll actually enjoy eating! 

Portable: JustOne Organics® food is light and easy to store and ship, putting delicious nutrition a click away. Our whole food crystals can go anywhere in the world, especially where it’s most needed for disaster and refugee relief.

There's more than enough good food for all. Let's make organic food an ambassador of good will to build a world we want our children to grow up in!

Organic Food

Why do we eat healthy, delicious and earth-friendly food? 

Because it feels better!!!! 

It looks better, tastes better and we know instinctively that it is better for us. 

We instinctively appreciate the link between great tasting fruits and vegetables and the nutrient value they contain.  

This is nature's way of guiding us to want to eat what will keep us healthy and strong.

Nature!!! You’re the best!

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