Mission Arc 3:

Carbon Rich Soil

The story of the soil must be allowed to inspire our farming practices and our health


Welcome to the most intimate and all-pervading story ever known… 3 ½ billion years in the making!

Imagine a vast, infinitely complex and magnificent network of intelligent beneficial microscopic beings… living on and in our bodies – outnumbering our cells 10 to 1!!!  (Who’s hosting whom?!)

A similar network of microbial life is also teeming in healthy living soil – more of them present in 1 handful than all the people on earth!! 

We live every moment intimately connected to a magnificent network of intelligence and wellbeing that we are only just beginning to understand.

“In a pinch of garden soil, about a gram in weight, live millions of bacteria, representing several thousand species. Most of them are unknown to science.” -National Geographic, February 2015

What is the purpose of this abundant natural microbiome linking every one of us to all forms of life? 

Plants photosynthesize, creating complex sugars as food. But the plant only uses about 15% of the food it makes from sunlight! 

The other 85% of these sugars move down through its root structure and into the soil… yes!... to nourish an attendant and infinitely complex microbial ecosystem. 

As their part of the symbiotic dance, beneficial microorganisms in the soil deliver vital nutrients up into the roots of plants, helping them grow larger, faster and deeper while they build resistance to pests and disease across the board. 

Those plants, in turn brimming with full spectrum complementary and holistic nutrients, provide us with the deep nutrition necessary to sustain life and vitality in our bodies.

Carbon Sequestration

Regenerative farming practices pull more carbon into healthier soil through accelerated branch, stem, leaf, flower, fruit and root growth, composting greater volumes of decaying plant matter, increased sugars exuded into the soil to feed much greater populations of microbes – all of these being carbon-based life structures built from CO2 pulled from the atmosphere to fuel the regenerative life cycles in this system. 

The Earth’s microbiome, alive and flourishing in microbe and carbon rich soil, expresses fully in all forms of life in Nature… including every one of us. 

How we care for this all-pervading network in ourselves and in the soil will absolutely determine our own health as well as the health of our ecosystems. 

Organic food – grown in living soil by farmers who cooperate with this network is key to our true health and vitality, to reversing climate change and creating food security and prosperity.

Real Food Campaign: Nutrient Transparency for Farmers and Consumers

JustOne Organics® is supporting the development of technology that will be able to scan and display the deep nutrients in our food in seconds. 

WOOHOO!!!! Consumers will finally know exactly what they are buying and eating. 

Farmers will get feedback on the microbial richness of their soil. 

Great tasting, highly nutritious food IS the report card on regenerative soil practices on our farms!


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