Mission Arc 4:

No more hunger please

Farm waste must be purposed to end hunger & create living food security reserves


Most farms in this country waste 25% - 40% of the food they grow before the store… at the farm. 

That’s right – it never leaves the farm unless it’s feeding the animals or going to the landfill. 

Why? It’s visually “imperfect”... too small, funny shaped… not pretty enough for the grocery industry’s visual standard. 

And even more tragic, it’s perfectly delicious and nourishing food that simply doesn’t have a buyer!  We’re going to use that food to build up community food stores so that when we need it most… instead of not knowing how we all get to eat, we have it and can just make new friends. 

Who pays for these food reserves? We get that they go through a Gentle Drying Center to upgrade and stabilize Grate A value in the seconds, but who pays the farmer for the food and the GDC to dry it? 

 The answer is in the marketplace : )

Power of Seconds

Imagine an orchard or a field of crops. 

The farmer pays to grow the whole field, the whole crop. 

The cost of growing the seconds is built into the price charged for Grade A. 

This means when we buy their seconds what we pay is almost 100% profit for them because they’ve already covered the most of the cost of growing the seconds in the price they received for Grade A. 

This is why they’re happy to deeply discount their off grade! 

So Gentle Drying™ means more revenue for farmers, we get food at a deep discount, and that means we can give some of that value away!

Community Food Reserves

There are at least 2 distinct kinds of hunger in every community.  

One is the real time hunger with people who don’t have money to buy good food now. 

Another is the potential hunger with all of us, money and not… when for some unlikely reason there’s no more food to buy. 

JustOne Organics® Seconds Program will address both kinds of hunger through our ability to donate a portion of our crystals dried from seconds to food banks, homeless shelters and clinics, and rent other portions to the local city or county to build up long term emergency food reserves for us all. 

Longer-Term food system activation

The amount of seconds we have the potential to work with in each community we land a GDC is enormous.

It represents tremendous value being literally thrown away now… that we can recapture through our drying process to redistribute it to do so much good in those communities we partner with. 

Can there be more value in the seconds over time than we’ll need to end local hunger AND build up 2 years of emergency food reserves for everyone in the community? 

Over time absolutely. 

And then, what else can we do with it? 

How about building another food reserve to support a local organic food backed currency? 

Contact us if you want to learn more about JOOLES - JustOne Organics Living Economy Systems.

Business by Nature

There’s a deeper set of principles found in Nature at work here.  See if this list makes sense to you. 

If you are starting to see how these 6 Nature-Based Operating Principles are showing up in our work and that means we’re doing our job of building JustOne Organics® as a truly regenerative biological business.

  • Abundance
  • Mutuality 
  • Collaboration
  • Creativity
  • Efficiency
  • Generosity

We see these principles, in this sequence, active in Nature and supporting the inevitability of our impact.


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