The Bigger Picture

Allow us to take a birds eye view together.


JustOne Organics® is offering families access to delicious, healthy and shelf friendly organic produce and a commitment to grow our business in service to healthy people, successful organic farmers, resilient food systems and solving agriculture-related issues such as climate change and world hunger.

JustOne Organics® will offer advance contracts to local farmers that will encourage them to grow an additional 7 million pounds of organic food per year in each community where we set up Gentle Drying Centers. This will empower organic growers to expand their farms, regenerate the health of their soil and create thriving local food systems for our people.



Learn, Know, Understand

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Science tells us what we can do to heal these issues and ourselves. 

Media inspires us with stories of healthy soil as a path to heal our ecosystems of earth, air & oceans!

What we need now are Regenerative Food Systems economic engines to drive all this with added value delicious organic food that will stimulate a recirculation of money and support for farmers, eaters and communities:  to move all these urgent initiatives faster and at scale.

JustOne Organics® and our Gentle Drying Centers (GDCs) are these economic engines. We have a Pilot GDC operating in Southern Oregon and in the next year we’re working to start 2 to 3 more around the country. From there we’ll seek out another 10 ideal locations, and from there, to the rest of the world.

And now YOU are part of this engine too.  You have the fuel for the engine in your body, your heart and your inspiration, your taste buds, the microbiome in your gut.  All of which are cheering you on to be part of the solution with us!

More Support for our Farmers

How important is it to you that your local farmers feel great about what they are doing? Well, we imagine if they don’t; that eventually they or especially their children will not be farming anymore. If all the farmers followed that pattern… who will feed us? Our families? Our world?

Can we consider that while degenerative farming (what we consider poisoning the microbiome) may be the greatest contributor to global and social ecosystem destruction… that regenerative farming can become its greatest, most certain solution?  

If you want to let a farmer know you understand, respect and appreciate them deeply… 

Ask them this question:

What’s the greatest fertilizer?


The Farmer’s shadow…

Then watch as they realize you understand… : )

It’s fun to do this at farmers markets, finding that farmer that may need some cheering up… 

Other ways to show farmers you appreciate them:

  • Buy their food! : ))
  • Ask them:  “Do you know that farmers are the heroines and heroes of this Century? You feed us, you build good soil, you are the solution to climate change, ocean acidification, world hunger, social unrest.  Do you know how important you are?” 
  • As you pay for your food and are about to complete,  look at them with a smile and say, “Thank you for farming!” : ))

The JustOne Vision

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